On Behalf of the Alexandria Clinical Oncology Department, Alexandria School of Medicine, We are honored to invite you to attend the

20th Annual Scientific Conference of Alexandria Clinical Oncology Department (ACOD)

“Recent advances in Lung Cancer & Breast Cancer”

King’s Ranch Hotel
Alexandria, Egypt

25-27 October 2017

Our goal is to make these 3 days, a most enlightening experience, full of up-to-date achievements in the field of Breast Cancer & Lung Cancer. Our speakers and panelists are very distinguished Egyptian, Arab and Foreign Oncologists. Our annual conference is an event that we all look forward to. It's a time of camaraderie and fellowship; friends from all universities and centers get together to share moments as well as bond. It's a time for knowing more people as well as making memories; that is why I would like to invite you all to share this non repeatable event.
I am seeking that this event would also be an occasion where all physicians can celebrate the success of together, as well as sharing experiences and planning for the future. So please always mark this date on your calendar and I look forward to seeing you all.

Yours cordially…

Conference President

Prof. Alaa Kandil, MD

Professor of Clinical Oncology
Chairman of Clinical Oncology Department
Alexandria School of Medicine